Clarksburg-Harrison Regional
Housing Authority

Rhonda Lindsey Executive Director

We BELIEVE being homeless is not a crime.

Homelessness is,  first and foremost,  a housing crisis and can be addressed through the provision of safe and affordable housing. 

All people eperiancing homelessness, regardless of their housing history and duration of homelessness, can achieve housing stability in permanent housing. Some may need very little support for a brief period of time, while others may need more intensive and long-term supports.

Everyone is "housing ready." Sobriety, compliance in treatment, or even a clean criminal history is not necessary to succeed in housing. Rather, homelessness programs and housing providers must be "consumer ready."

Many people experiencing homelessness have the right to self-determination and should be treated with dignity and respect. 

The exact configuration of housing and services depends upon the needs and preferences of the population.

Program, Landlords, and Participants have a common goal:

Safe, decent, well-managed housing